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<P><BR>About microwave ovens. I remember one time attending a teleconference on Histotechnology organized by the Universty of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio.  The title was "Microwave Fixation and processing". The presenter was a gentleman by the name of Steven Slap of Energy Beams Sciences, Inc. Agawan Massachusetts. He talked about laboratory microwave ovens. Their company has a series of them. You could contact that company for more info. A microwave oven accepting metal?. I am not sure on that but if my memory is still what it used to be, I remember hearing something like it in that teleconference. The best advise I can give is to keep in touch with that Company. I personally do not have any commercial interest in that Company</P> <P><BR> </P> <P>James Mubiru</P> <P><BR> </P> <P>UTHSCSA  </P><BR> <P>  <B><I>"Wilson, Denise" <></I></B> wrote: <BR><BR> <BLOCKQUOTE style="PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #1010ff 2px solid">I hope someone out there can help me. My microwave oven has given out its<BR>last wave, and I am in dire need of another one. I was told that there was<BR>an oven that accepts metal in addition to plastic, but they didn't know the<BR>name. And if not, any suggestions of a decent oven and where to purchase<BR>it? <BR>my purchasing department only wants to deal with scientific companies, so<BR>there goes the solution of going to Sears or any other electronic store<BR>(altho I know it would be cheaper!)<BR>thanks<BR>Denise Wilson<BR>Brookdale Hospital<BR>Brooklyn, New York<BR></BLOCKQUOTE><p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br> <a href="">Yahoo! Mail Personal Address</a> - Get email at your own domain with Yahoo! Mail.
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