Re: email attachments and infections

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    I often use the HTML portion of my e-mail (Netscape thank you), and I
haven't had any problems with it, and even find it very helpful at times. When
using any program you should know how to use it. If there is HTML in your
e-mail you can have the program prompt you with a question as to what format
you want to send the message in (plain text, HTML, or both).
    There is nothing intrinsically wrong with these programs or their usage of
HTML but the users should be familiar enough to know how to avoid HTML when it
is inappropriate.
    Even an attachment that says "<file name>.txt" can be a virus. If you had a
virus named "melissa.txt.kak" many mail programs truncade the last extention
showing only "melissa.txt". I do not recommend the removal of HTML from e-mail
but I do recommend the cautions use of it, and yes, I agree the list should
bounce the indiscreet use of HTML on it for the sake of any less computer saavy
Amos Brooks

"Nader, Alexander" wrote:

> > -----Original Message-----
> > Well put,
> >     And that's exactly why I asked ... mailing lists are no place for
> > attachments :-). I just didn't know if the sender knew they
> > were sending
> > it. Some malicious programming attaches itself to outgoing
> > mail without
> > the knowledge of the sender.
> Two of the most "malicious" programs are OUTLOOK Express and Netscape
> Messenger, which both send HTML-encoded mails when standard settings are
> used. As we discussed that theme a couple of times in this list, even a
> HTML-encoded mail (without any executable file!) CAN HARM your computer.
> Please ask your children or your system administrator how to change your
> mailing program to "TEXT-ONLY". The mentioned attachment HTML.TXT is the
> HTML-code part of a mail. There is no use for HTML-encoded mails in this
> list and I would prefer if the list-server would delete or reject all those
> mails!
> > > Opening any email attachment is, to your computer, the equivalent
> > > of allowing intimate contact of your body with that of a sexually
> > > promiscuous other person. You should expect to catch
> > > The solution is simple, but it demands self discipline.
> > > Delete every email with an attachment, unless you have
> > > made a prior arrangement with the sender.
> That's it! Good point.
> Alex Nader

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