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    Don't be too sure! The following is an excerpt from another discussion
group I am in specifically related to Viruses. Ironically this subject was
broached just today ... cool coincidence.
Amos Brooks


by Henri Delger

A reader asks: "Can you tell me if Macs are affected by viruses like
PCs are? Seems that everything is related to PCs but I am sure we Mac
owners have to be aware of virus problems as well."

If you check antivirus vendors' Web sites, you will see almost no
mention of Macintosh viruses and few products that deal with them.
Virus writers like the big, easy target Microsoft has created for
them, and antivirus vendors like the profit potential the market of
millions of Windows users represents.

The net result is that while one Windows-based vendor claims detection
of 53,000 virus-related critters, the "Viruses and the Mac" FAQ
states, "There are around 40 Mac-specific viruses and related
threats." Given that, and the fact that most Virus Alert readers use
Windows (only a few Mac users have ever written to me), it should be
no surprise that many of my subjects relate to Windows virus problems.
However, Macintosh users should not be complacent--more in the next

Lesley Weston wrote:

> Unless you have a Mac, of course.
> Lesley Weston.
> On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, J. A. Kiernan wrote:

> > Opening any email attachment is, to your computer, the equivalent

> > of allowing intimate contact of your body with that of a sexually
> > promiscuous other person. You should expect to catch something
> > nasty at best and deadly at worst.
> >
> > To a computer, opening an attachment is potentially more dangerous
> > than the comparable human adventure. An unfaithful wife or husband,
> > or a frustrated sailor in a foreign port knows what she or he is
> > risking, but the sender of an infected email attachment may be well
> > known to the recipient but blissfully unaware of having contracted
> > and passed on an e-VD.
> >
> > The solution is simple, but it demands self discipline.
> > Delete every email with an attachment, unless you have
> > made a prior arrangement with the sender.

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