Re: Woodchuck tissue in Millonigs fixative

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We had better luck with Trumps 4% gluteraldehyde/4% formaldehyde in
Sorensons Phosphate buffer, pH 7 to 7.4.  We processed this the same as any
paraffin method for animal tissues. Tissues stored in fixative were good
for a year or so on shelf for EM. EM results were far better than with
modified Millonigs buffered formalin.  It can be shipped to you in
fixative, stored at RT on shelf until used.

You can process in paraffin up to 1 hour per station.  For EM, tissue could
be minced, rinsed with buffer and processed into epoxy of choice.


At 11:21 AM 1/25/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I have been asked to process woodchuck tissue which I have never done
>before.  I am sure someone out there can help me, Thanks in advance.  My
>questions are:
>1. They want to fix in Millonigs since there is a chance that EM might be
>required at some point. The tissue is being collected at an outside
>contractor so I need to tell how long to leave it in the Millonigs and to
>what solution it should be  transferred into before shipment to me.
>2. Does anyone have a processing schedule they would be willing to share?
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