Re: Wenger-Angritt Helicobacter stain

Dr David A. Agbamu at the  Arrowe Park Hospital, UK suggested (on the PATHO-L 
list) looking at:

Histological identification of Helicobacter pylori: comparison of staining 
methods. O Rotimi, A Cairns, S Gray, P Moayyedi, M F Dixon (Department of 
Histopathology, The General Infirmary at Leeds UK). J Clin Pathol 

available as a PDF file from

These authors examined about 60 well documented cases, half of them positive 
for Helicobacter pylori and half of them negative, using a modified Giemsa, 
an immunohistochemical technique, a silver stain, and a Gimenez carbol 
fuchsin stain. All of the stains worked well, but the modified Giemsa was a 
great deal simpler to do, and they preferred it for that reason. They did not 
look at the effectiveness of the H and E stain by itself as a stain for 

I'm glad to know that the Journal of Clinical Pathology is available online! 
This excellent journal is not easily available in libraries in the USA.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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