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I don't know how whale tissue will respond, but I know that PCNA works on
other non-primate mammalian species.  I antigen-retrieve my tissues by
microwaving in citrate buffer, 2 x 5 minutes, with a 20 minute cool down.  I
use xPCNA (DAKO) at 1:50 for 30 minutes, room temp; LSAB2 (DAKO) link and
label for 15 minutes each, and AEC for 10 minutes.  The staining is done on
an autostainer.

Jan Shivers
Univ. of Minnesota Vet Diag Lab
St. Paul, MN

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> Dear All
> We have been asked to stain for PCNA on whale skin.  Does anybody
> have any experience with whale tissue?  Needless to say our
> antibody is a  monoclonal to human tissue.  Any help will be
> appreciated.
> Thankyou
> Heather

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