Re: Morphology textbook....

From:Mark Hammond <>

Deat Tom et al,

I have always used two books from Churchill Livingstone:

Basic Histopathology, by Wheater,P.R,; Burkitt,H.G.: Stevens, A.; Lowe,
L.S.(ISBN 0-443-04237-3)
Functional Histology, by the above.

The first is more for basic changes and pathological processes, the second for
a colour atlas of normal histology / morphology.

Hope this helps,

Mark Hammond
Laboratory Manager
Pathology Central Services
University of Cambridge

"Tom T. McNemar" wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good text for basic morphology?  Thanks in advance.
> Tom Mc Nemar, HT(ASCP)
> Pathology Supervisor
> Licking Memorial Hospital
> Newark, Ohio

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