Re: Lerner Linistainer

From:Richard Pitman <>


This machine is marketed by Shandon. Try or  for your nearest supplier.

The motor you describe used to fail quite regularly on our Linistains, so I always keep a spare in the lab cupboard. Latterly, the design seems to have improved, and I have had no trouble with the later motors. Newer motors have less teeth on the final drive sprocket. Presumably, internal gear ratios have altered to compensate - it was usually the gear train that failed, not the motor.

Richard Pitman FIBMS,
Head MLSO,
Dept of Histology, Cytology & Immunology,
Worcester Royal Infirmary NHS Trust

>>> Wayne D H <> 01/22/01 10:57pm >>>
Can anyone tell me who is currently supplying parts for the Lerner Linistainer (also known as the Baxter GLX Linear Stainer); a Canadian supplier if possible.   I need a motor with the drive sprocket attached.  Thank you in advance.

Wayne Hohn
Kootenay Lake Regional Hospital
Nelson, B.C.

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