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Greetings Jeff, 

as always, it's great to see your input on the list. I are preparing to ask my HR dept to conduct a salary survey for PA's here in the southeast. I recommend that you remind the list of your geographic area as there are understandable regional differences in salary. Also, I am finding that there are pay differences between school trained PA's and those trained on the job, although I don't know what this is based upon or even if it is justifiable as long at the individual is working up to expectations. I understand that the PA professional organization conducts its own certification testing process that can be qualified for through either completion of formal study or OJT.

by all means, publish your method somewhere!! that is how the rest of us learn.


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>>> Jeff Silverman <> 01/18/01 05:33PM >>>
First thanks to all for the leads on EM service techs to help my friends
move their "show biz" scopes.
Second, in Gomori's retic stain, I find that the sodium metabisulfite
solution and the ferric ammonium sulfate sensitizer particularly can go bad.
All solutions should be used only once- I use the dropper method.
Incidently, though I know it can be  dangerous, I used the same bottle of
stock ammoniacal silver nitrate for TEN YEARS with excellent results.
There's no precipitate or silver coating of the glass so I don't think its
explosive. I'd be willing to  bet you are overtoning with gold chloride,
even a quick "on and off" for one to two seconds can be too much. Lately,
I've taken to eliminating the gold chloride toning and the pathologists and
I enjoy the color contrast between the golden yellow to brown collagen and
the black reticulin- the nuclear impregnation doesn't bother anyone and you
don't need to counterstain with Kernechtrot. Maybe I'll publish the method
Lastly, what would be an appropriate salary for a Pathologist's
Assistant/Histo Supervisor in a 500 bed hospital processing 7-8 thousand
surgicals, <1000 cytologies (all non-gyn) and supervising and scheduling one
full timer and three per diems. The position involves doing all the
grossing, some bech work-mainly automated immuno and specials, no autopsies,
and acting as laboratory safety officer. I'd be interested to hear your
Jeff Silverman

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