Re: DAB and bleach (fumes from)

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On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, denise M m Long-Woodward wrote:

> Just because the human nose can't smell a fume, does that really 
> mean no fumes are there?  > 2 cents

Another tuppenceworth:

You've been and gone and sent me to the dictionary, which says
that a fume is "often odorous." (Looking up 4-letter F-words was
always a frustrating business, especially back in the days when
dictionaries didn't include words that ladies and other gentle 
readers would not want to know about.)

DAB molecules are quite big (FW about 220, similar to that of
a small dye molecule) and oxidation with bleach or anything
else multiplies the size, eventually generating cross-linked
brown polymers. The chlorine emanating from unreacted bleach 
is certainly a fume but not one that people worry about very
John A. Kiernan
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