Re: DAB and H&E counterstain

From:"C.M. vander Loos" <>

>Hi all,
>We have a researcher requesting IHC and H&E on the same slide (trying to
>save money).  We are using DAB, then trying to counterstain with H&E, and
>as expected the DAB is drowned out by the eosin.  Could anybody share a
>method of doing this?  Would adding Nickle to the DAB help?  Thanks in
>advance for all your good advice.
>Michelle Peiffer
>Electron Microscope Facility for the Life Sciences
>Penn State University Biotechnology Institute
>001 South Frear Lab
>University Park PA 16802
>phone: 814-865-0212

Hi Michelle,

Even at this stage you could save your specimens!!
The DAB precipitate can be "osmified" turning it into black. I haven't any
ideas about concentration or incubation time, I just remembered this method
from a long time ago that it really worked. Since you work at an EM
facility this osmification can't be very much of a problem!

Chris van der Loos
Amsterdam, The Nethelands

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