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We use a Leica Cryocut 1800, and will be purchasing another soon, now a
Cryocut 1850.  Have done decalcified bone using Instrumedics Cryojane plus
a huge amount of other tissues using high and low profile disposable
blades.  It has never given us trouble, two repairs in 10 years (moving
parts wear out, motors also).  My dealer also does repairs (Seattle) and
have never been down more than three days at a time. We buy them with ALL
knife holders, for universal steel/tungsten carbide knives OR high AND low
profile knives.  The knife holder on this machine is delightful, 100% of
edge can be used, and the glassantiroll device is excellent even though we
remove it for brush technic.   I particularly like the chuck holder, a
universal mushroom style that allows us to buy waffle weave chucks from
Shandon-Lipshaw (we shorten the stems to fit in holder) plus we can put the
Cryojane in when we want to use it rather than install it permanently. 

It will depend on how large a specimen you want to cut, routine size works
with this 1850, bigger samples may need a bigger model, research, but we
are limited on space, a model that raises and lowers for height adjustment
would be a dream but are pricey. 

Sounds like an advertisement, TGIF!  Try to bring in a demo if possible 


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