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Hi HistoNetters!

Debra Ritter asked:

"Would like to know if anyone out there uses a type of pre-fixative for
fatty breast tissue before putting it in formalin on the processor?
Sometimes our breast tissues even though they have been in formalin all
week-end on the processor still cut lousy on Monday morn. Any info would
be appreciated!"

Processing breast tissue is one of the most pervasive problems in
histology.  One solution is the use of microwave processing with JFC
solution.  JFC solution is a proprietary, patented (sorry, John Kiernan)
mixture of ethyl and isoproyl alcohols with a long-chain hydrocarbon which
dehydrates and clears the tissue simultaneously.

In microwave processing, after the tissue is exposed to JFC, it is put in
paraffin and the alcohols are flash-evaporated.  Some residual hydrocarbon
remains in the paraffin and makes the resulting blocks very easy to cut (I
have heard them described as "buttery").

JFC solution was developed by Milestone and is available in the United
States through Hacker Instruments, my employer.

Best regards,
Steven Slap

Steven E. Slap
Marketing Manager & Microwave Product Specialist
Hacker Industries & Instruments

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