Re: Automated microtomes

From:Vinnie Della Speranza <>

Hi Jeff and others,

our local vendor for this unit has indicated that it was pulled from the market for modifications which are in beta testing at this time. can anyone tell me what problems were experienced to require modifications?
we expect to demo this unit as soon as it is released and it would I'd like to keep an eye out for re-occurrence of the earlier problems. thanks

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>>> Jeff Silverman <> 01/26/01 06:36PM >>>
I'm using the Leica DCS, it's completely automated- it has a sensor to
position each block for facing but I prefer to use the coarse and fine feed
buttons on the touch pad to face the blocks. It throws paraffin around a a
bit as the disc rotates at  faster trimming speeds, but this is bothersome
only if you're a neat freak or cut a lot of CJD biopsies. I like it.
Jeff Silverman

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