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From:rudy gutierrez <>

Dear Rosalba,

Did not realize Alcian Blue becoming hard to find.    Check out
website.  We carry a wide variety of Reagent and Biological Certified Dyes.
Alcian Blue catalog number is C7011 and C.I. # is 74240

Good Luck


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From: rzumbo <>
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Date: Monday, January 29, 2001 5:27 PM
Subject: Alcian Blue

>Hi all,
>Thanks to those who sent info on microwaving whole human brains.
>Does nnyone know of a company that still has some Alcian blue in
>stock. Our supplies are getting low and we would like to find a
>source before we run out.
>Rosalba Zumbo
>Technical Officer ( Scientific)
>Institute of Forensic Medicine
>Sydney, Australia
>Fax 61 2 95664573

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