RPMI media

From:"Fuller, Michelle" <mfuller@acmlab.com>

Our lab sends all of our Flow Cytometry specimens out to a reference
lab.  We have recently changed to a different reference lab.  We still
have RPMI tubes (that are refrigerated) from the old lab.  The
expiration date is 7/01, but the media is deep pink.  The new lab is
telling us that when the media turns deep pink, it is no good and that
the media should be tan/light pink in color and stored in the freezer.
I do realize that there are different ways to make RPMI, but I have only
known the media to be deep pink and stored in the refrigerator.  It will
be difficult for us to have our off-site clients store the media in the
freezer because most of them only have small refrigerators.  Any input
you may have on RPMI media would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Michelle Fuller
Histology Supervisor
ACM Medical Laboratory, Inc.
Rochester, N.Y.

Phone (716) 429-2383
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