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> Well put,
>     And that's exactly why I asked ... mailing lists are no place for
> attachments :-). I just didn't know if the sender knew they 
> were sending
> it. Some malicious programming attaches itself to outgoing 
> mail without
> the knowledge of the sender.

Two of the most "malicious" programs are OUTLOOK Express and Netscape
Messenger, which both send HTML-encoded mails when standard settings are
used. As we discussed that theme a couple of times in this list, even a
HTML-encoded mail (without any executable file!) CAN HARM your computer.
Please ask your children or your system administrator how to change your
mailing program to "TEXT-ONLY". The mentioned attachment HTML.TXT is the
HTML-code part of a mail. There is no use for HTML-encoded mails in this
list and I would prefer if the list-server would delete or reject all those

> > Opening any email attachment is, to your computer, the equivalent
> > of allowing intimate contact of your body with that of a sexually
> > promiscuous other person. You should expect to catch 
> > The solution is simple, but it demands self discipline.
> > Delete every email with an attachment, unless you have
> > made a prior arrangement with the sender.

That's it! Good point.

Alex Nader

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