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Could you be referring to STRECK Laboratories STF (formalin substitute) and
the xylenes substitute?  They are located in Lincoln NE.  It is a
proprietary formulation which works very well in fixation.  I like the
xylenes substitute for it clears more quickly than other substitutes and
does not have an odorous odor.  The formalin sub. does not form cross
linkage to interfere with IHC.  CAUTION: Should someone use formalin with
the STF, there will be white precipitate in the solution. Enough could clog
your processor lines and create some artifacts in the staining.  If you go
into your hematology section of your hospital, they will have information
about STRECK Labs due to the diluents/washing materials they purchase in
bulk from them.  STF is very good with small biopsies--an increasing number
of MOH facilities are using it.  There is an 800 number (which escapes me
for the moment)   Sharon Osborn

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> Subject: Streckes
> I would be interested in this info as well. I have a colleague who has
been told
> they must use it, but when I tried to find out what it is, I was told it
> "proprietary". If anyone has information, please post it on the histonet. 
> Thanks!! LuAnn
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> Subject: Strecke fixative
> Strecke fixative. What is it, why is it, where is it?

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