RE: Specimen containers and "confidentiality"

I failed to make myself clear to John Kiernan, and probably to others, in my 
note about 

>> Here's a horror story that I'm pretty sure is not an "urban legend" - 
according to one of the PATHO-L contributors, anti-abortion crazies in the 
Houston area look for fetuses in hospital trash, in order to harass the 
mothers - as determined by the container label! (Can you imagine a grieving 
parent having to put up with THAT!)<<

The fetuses in question had not been therapeutically aborted, but rather were 
the products of spontaneous fetal loss, and one certainly would expect 
grieving parents in this circumstance. Whatever your stand on abortion is, 
it's clearly wrong to harass parents who have just lost a baby. - Abortions 
are almost never performed in hospitals in the USA, and it didn't occur to me 
to make this point clear in writing about an incident that happened in a 
hospital pathology service.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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