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Dig-labeled probes are certainly easier to work with and provide results
sooner. Radioactive-labels are generally considered more sensitive, but with
amplification techniques the dig-labeled probes can approach that
sensitivity. Depending on how difficult it is to locate your target, one or
the other may be best. For "high-throughput" I would imagine dig-labeled
probes would be the one of choice. That's what we use in our lab.

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Hi! Fellow Histonetters:

        I am new to this. I have a couple questions:

        1) Does anybody know that for high-throughput  (for industry) in
hybridization, do DIG-labelled probes work better than radioactive-labelled

        2) For tumor samples, do DIG-labelled probes work better than

Thanks for helping.

Su-Hua Lee
Research Associate II
Incyte Genomics, Inc.

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