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I don't know how this will figure in but you can take it for what it's worth
to you.....
We do about 6500 Surgicals, 7500 Thinprep PAPs, 2000 Conventional smears
(sent to reference lab), and 600 NGYNs
We have 5 ftes that include 1 Cytologist and myself.  One person embeds then
does Cytology processing the rest of the day.  I spend about 70% of my time
on the bench.  Over the past year our immunos have increased 82% and our
routine stains have gone up 15%.

Tom Mc Nemar, HT(ASCP)
Pathology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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> Hi,
> I have a question for smaller hospitals------
> How many FTE's do you have for your Histology departments that do
> approximately 3,000 blocks per y ear?  And do Immunoperoxidase also.
> Also, as a side note, any hospitals that have a Cytotechnologist with
> approximately 4,312 paps and 450 NOn-Gyns, do you have a separate prep
> person?  If not, who does the prep?
> Thank you in advance for answering these questions.
> Dawn Schneider, Lead Tech
> Howard Young Medical Center
> Woodruff, WI

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