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Hi Kris:
Our lab has worked on dog snouts a few times and it isn't fun.  What we've
done is decalcified the snout first; usually takes a couple of weeks in 20%
formic acid (changing solutions regularly and shaking gently on a shaker
table).  When cutting the sections keep changing the scapel blade; a sharp
edge works the best.  We would only take one side of the nasal turbinates as
the slides were two small to mount both sides.  Definitely use silane
slides.  The turbinates are fragile and will break easily.  Hope this helps.

Judi Ford
Palo Alto, CA

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I am going to be working on a project where I need to get nose sections
from a dog snout.  Does anyone out there in histoland have any experience
with this kind of thing.  Would you suggest taking the sections first and
then fixing and decalling, rather than fixing and decalling the entire
head?  How long should decal take?  We have done rat turbinates, which we
usually decal for a week, but the dog turbinate will obviously be a lot
bigger and are made of much more dense bone.  Any suggestions or protocols
would be much appreciated.


Kris Eicher
3M Pharmaceuticals
St. Paul, MN

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