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By W.S. I assume you mean Warthin-Starry?  We tried Sigma's Spirochete
Control (rabbit testis) in our W-S, but it barely stained at all.  We did
rather better with the Histology Control Systems spirochete slides (said to
be rabbit testis, although it didn't look like it), getting a very good
stain with lots of easily visible (at x400) organisms.
Both Newcomer Supply and Histology Outlet Mall Enterprise H.O.M.E.) have
control slides of animal tissue.  Both offer rat lung with Nocardia as
Leprosy control, and rat lung with Treponema hyodysenteriae as Spirochete
control.  From Newcomer, there is also B.henselae in rat lung as a
Cat-Scratch control.

Adrian Leek,
CytoLogix Corp.
Cambridge, MA.

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Hi folks,

     I am in need of some animal tissue control slides for W.S..  Anyone
know of places that these can be purchased???  The blocks we now have are
getting very low, and we haven't come across any positives we can use as
controls.  I have checked at the Sigma Tissue Trol website and they don't
have W.S. controls..
     Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Tracy E. Bergeron
Charles River Laboratories
Wilmington, MA

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