Non formalin fixatives

From:Jeff Silverman <>

Interesting thought Vinnie. We use HistoChoice fixative. Like most other
antibodies, for ER and PR- using HistoChoice obviates the need for any type
of antigen retrieval, enzyme or heat. I'm currently getting started with the
Cytologix ER and PR antibodies on my Artisan stainer and they should be
beautiful if the other antibodies are any indication. We now send
ER/PR/HERCEPT to Impath and they have been fine. Impath mounts their
controls, which I assume are formalin fixed, on the patient's slide. I
wonder if they are unnecessarily nuking my HistoChoice fixed tissues along
with their controls, or do they use HistoChoice controls for us few
HistoChoice clients. The sections look nuked to me. Anyone from Impath care
to answer? Anyway, I would assume that HistoChoice would obviate the need
for HIER on Hercepts. If anyone wants to loan me a few drops of a Hercept
antibody, I'll test it.
Jeff Silverman
Southside Hospital

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