Microwave fixation of brains

From:Cheryl Crowder <ccrowder@mail.vetmed.lsu.edu>

Rosalba,  Human (or other brains) can be fixed with microwaves but it 
must be done in several steps.  The brain is so large if you microwaved 
it until it was totally fixed, parts would be overheated.  Therefore, 
what we have done is placed the brain in fixative to cover, microwave 
until the solution reaches 55#176#C.  Let the brain "rest" in the heated 
solution for several minutes.  The brain will then be firm enough to 
slice without distortion.
      The slices now produced are fixed in fresh solution to 55#176#C. 
Although this seems to take a long time, it is really short - no more 
than 30 minutes to get perfect gross slices.  
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