Helicobacter stains

From:"Leek, Adrian" <ALeek@cytologix.com>

Dear Rena and Bob:
We can stain H. Pylori with Steiner, Warthin-Starry, Alcian Yellow/Toluidine
Blue and Giemsa.  For appearance and ease of finding the organisms, they run
in that order.  The easiest to do is the Warthin-Starry, which is also the
I heartily agree about the silver stains.  We joke about the need to offer
small animal sacrifices when doing them, but when they work right they are
gorgeous.  We find we can often get enough tissue detail when staining with
the silver methods (especially a well-behaved Steiner, but also the W-S)
that it can be read like an H&E, as well as showing the bacteria.
Dr. Adrian Leek,
CytoLogix Corp.

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