HT/Spanish/NJ (Flores, Teresa)

Fellow colleagues, I am posting this for Carlos Saenz, a veteran histotec
and licenced HT, in San Jose, Costa Rica, English is limited, but knowledge
of histotecnology is excellent and commitment is there. He may be reached
at 732-748-069 in New Jersey. I had one reply for Carlos to try and
increase his English skills, and he is trying, but will someone give him an
I have been invited to lecture about Histotecnology in Mexico, Guatemala
and Central America; And, the only countries I have not been in South
America are Venezuela, Colombia, Guyanas, Brazil and Uruguay. And the only
diffrence between the histotecnologist there and in the USA are
opportunities and language barriers, othere than that, knowledge of our
field is excellent.
Thanks again, Teresa

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