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From:"Dr. Ian Montgomery." <ian.montgomery@bio.gla.ac.uk>

<html> <x-tab>        </x-tab>I'm like Anita, make a batch of fix, both LM & EM, aliquot and freeze. So far no problem, except the Tranzer fixative for biogenic amines. This, personal observation, has a frozen shelf life.<br> Ian.<br> <br> <br> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 07:17:47 -0800<br> From: Anita Jennings <ajennings@unmc.edu><br> Subject: Frozen paraformaldehyde<br> To: Histonet <histonet@pathology.swmed.edu><br> <br> I understand the theory behind not freezing paraformaldehyde but I have been<br> storing aliquots at -20 in a NON frost free freezer for years (not the same<br> aliquot for years). According to Hogan et al "Manipulating the Mouse Embryo"<br> the repetitive freeze/thaw causes the solution to oxidize. But otherwise<br> they say go ahead and freeze. I have never seen a ppt in the fresh thawed<br> paraformaldehyde (4%) and don't have a problem with thorough fixation of the<br> tissue hmmmm. I do use phosphate buffered saline which is pH'd. anita</blockquote> <x-sigsep><p></x-sigsep> <font color="#0000FF">Dr. Ian Montgomery,<br> West Medical Building,<br> University of Glasgow,<br> Glasgow,<br> G12 8QQ.<br> Tel: 0141 339 8855.  Extn:6602.<br> Fax: 0141 330 2923<br> e-mail: ian.montgomery@bio.gla.ac.uk</font></html>
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