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> Golfing Couple
> A couple was golfing one day on an exclusive golf course
> lined with million-dollar houses. Off the third tee, the
> wife hit the ball right through the window of the biggest
> house on the course. Embarrassed, they ran up to the house
> and knocked on the door. A voice said, "Come on in."
> Entering the house, they saw glass all over the floor, a
> broken bottle lying in the foyer, and a man sitting on the
> couch. "Are you the people who broke my window?" he asked.
> "Yes, we are, but we're very sorry," the husband said.
> "Actually I wanted to thank you." The man replied. "I'm a
> genie who was trapped for a thousand years inside that
> bottle you broke. Since you've released me, I'm allowed to
> grant two wishes - one for you and one for myself."
> "Wow!" the husband replied. "In that case, I want a million
> dollars a year for the rest of my life."
> "Granted." The genie told him. "Now for my wish...I've been
> trapped in that bottle, and without a woman, for a thousand
> years, so my wish is to sleep with your wife."
> The husband looked at his wife, then shrugged. "Well, we
> did get a lot of money, so I guess I don't care."
> The genie took the wife upstairs and ravished her for
> hours. When they were finally done, he rolled over, looked
> at the wife, and asked, "How old is your husband?"
> "Thirty-five," she replied.
> "And he still believes in genies? That's amazing!"  >>

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