EM thanx, retic, salary for PA/Spvsr

From:Jeff Silverman <peptolab@hamptons.com>

First thanks to all for the leads on EM service techs to help my friends
move their "show biz" scopes.
Second, in Gomori's retic stain, I find that the sodium metabisulfite
solution and the ferric ammonium sulfate sensitizer particularly can go bad.
All solutions should be used only once- I use the dropper method.
Incidently, though I know it can be  dangerous, I used the same bottle of
stock ammoniacal silver nitrate for TEN YEARS with excellent results.
There's no precipitate or silver coating of the glass so I don't think its
explosive. I'd be willing to  bet you are overtoning with gold chloride,
even a quick "on and off" for one to two seconds can be too much. Lately,
I've taken to eliminating the gold chloride toning and the pathologists and
I enjoy the color contrast between the golden yellow to brown collagen and
the black reticulin- the nuclear impregnation doesn't bother anyone and you
don't need to counterstain with Kernechtrot. Maybe I'll publish the method
Lastly, what would be an appropriate salary for a Pathologist's
Assistant/Histo Supervisor in a 500 bed hospital processing 7-8 thousand
surgicals, <1000 cytologies (all non-gyn) and supervising and scheduling one
full timer and three per diems. The position involves doing all the
grossing, some bech work-mainly automated immuno and specials, no autopsies,
and acting as laboratory safety officer. I'd be interested to hear your
Jeff Silverman

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