Custom slide carriers for stainer

Hi all!
I am interested in finding out if anyone uses an automatic stainer for large 
format slides (on the order of 85 x 130 ). If so, where might I be able to 
find the slide carriers that would be used on the stainer. We most likely 
would have to have them custom-made.  We know of a lab in Strassburg (sp?) 
France that uses them on the Sakura stainer and we may have to contact them 
for more info, but I was hoping that someone in the US also was using the 
large slide carriers.  We plan on purchasing the Sakura stainer, but we are 
having a heck of a time with Sakura helping us find the slide carriers that 
we need.  
  Any help would be appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,
Jeanne Godine
Pathology Consultants
Lynchburg, VA 24501

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