sentiniel node biopsy; radiation safety

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From:"Vicki L McKaughan" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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We are just beginning to perform sentiniel node biopsies at our hospital.
Does anyone take any
special precautions with the specimens regarding
the radiation?  Our initial protocol called for
holding the specimens for 48hrs until the halflife of the radiation had
expired and then processing them as usual.  Now they have said that there
is a possibility that they may need
immediate touch prep staining on the nodes to see if there is a need for a
larger node dissection.  Does anyone do this and if so, do
you have a disignated area for performing the
stain, ect?  How do you handle the stains and the area after it has been
If you have any standard procedures or protocols
you can share with me I would greatly appreciate

Thank you
Vicki McKaughan, HT
Histology Supervisor, CCMH]

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