plastic coplin jars

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From:Rebecca S Smith <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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About the plastic coplin jars.  If you are using the white plastic round
coplin jars, we had the same problem.  We switched to the square clear
plastic coplin jars.  This is a hard plastic.  We purchased them directly
from Evergreen.  It has been awhile but the order number was (258-4088-000)
for a bulk order of 20.  The price was $238.00.  Like I said it's been
awhile and the price is more than likely greater than this, but I'm sure
they are still available.
	We tried the glass jars and had alot of breakage!  Especially the
ones.  The square ones lasted awhile, but if we had an extended "wave" to
perform, you were looking at cleaning up a mess more often than not.  Hope
this is helpful.

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