The Mark 5 HSS information request

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From:"Arnold, Kim" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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I would like to thank everyone who requested information about the DPC Mark
5 Histochemical Staining System. Please find below information about DPC and
the Mark 5 HSS.

Diagnostic Products Corporation has been in existence for over 27 years,
first as a radioimmunoassay company and over the last seven years as an
instrument systems company for automated immunoassays.

In 1997 the Histology Community in Europe came to DPC with a need to
automate the staining process in their laboratories. DPC had been marketing
the MARK 5 Robotic Pipettor since the mid 1980's. The system had very
flexible characteristics, which lent itself to an adaptation for the
histology market. Utilized in concert with the Coverplate technique, the
Histochemical Staining System has been successfully marketed in Europe since
January 1998. In January 1999, the system was introduced in the United

Some features of the MARK 5 HSS are:
*	Open system; any reagent can be used on the MARK 5 HSS.
*	Flexible programming; any protocol can be programmed.
*	High capacity; 100 slides simultaneously, 150 primary antibodies and
2 to 3 different detection kits per run.
*	Low reagent usage; to stain a slide the MARK 5 HSS uses 100-110 uL
per reagent per slide.

If you would like to receive a brochure or would like a sales representative
to contact you please let me know.

I can also be reach by email or by phone at 1 800 986 1001 ext. 6017.

Best Regards,

Kim Arnold
Field product manager
Diagnostic Products Corporation

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