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At one time the former Miles Diagnostics, former Ames Company - now Bayer
Diagnostics, had publications that gave normal and abnormal ranges for
multispecies urine components.  This was provided for veterinary use of their
"dip stick" urinalysis reagent strips (i.e.: "Multistix 10 SG").  I am not
if you need to do quantitative or qualitative urinalysis, but a call to Bayer
may be of help.  They also have reflectance photometer instrumentation
100/200, etc.) that reads their reagent strips more accurately than the human
eye, but once again - this is for qualitative analysis.  There are a number of
quantitative methods available that can be found in most any Clinical Chemistry
text book and at your local College of Veterinary Medicine Library.  I can give
references if needed.

Bayer Diagnostics phone number is (800) 348-8100
connect with the Urine Chemistry Customer Service Department, and they can
be of

~ Ford

ps: I sell the equipment mentioned, refurbished with warranties at half the
of new.
(a little commercial there)  ;-)
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Anupma Gupta wrote:

> Dear histoneters,
> Has anyone done small animal urine analysis
> (specifically rat or mouse). If yes,would you be able
> to tell me what kind of machine/analyzer do you use.
> Alternaively, could anyone guide me to a reference or
> book that would give me more information for normal
> verses abnormal ranges of mouse urine compounds.
> The compounds that I am interested in measureing are
> things like specific gravity, electrolytes, RBCs,
> WBCs, protein, pH, blood etc.
> I have some information on human stuff but not much on
> small animals.
> Any information would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks in advance for your help.
> Anupma Gupta, Ph.D
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