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Dear Alice,

    There are a couple of questions and actions for you to help in identifying
the source of the "junk."
1.  Does this material appear on EVERY slide?  1st run? later runs, only?
2.  Does it appear out of the area where the paraffin ribbon was?
3.  Is this material visible only microscopically or also to the naked eye?
4.  When you focus on the material, is it in the same plane as the tissue? - or
above or below?
5.  Run a totally "blank" slide with your standard slides.   (Junk still
6.  Run a slide of paraffin, only - - no specimen.  (Junk still there?)
7.  Coverslip a blank slide without running it through the staining procedure.
(any junk?)
8.  Has there been any change in brands or source of slides, coverslips,
    I would expect that if it was a contaminant in any of the reagents that the
material would be seen on the specimen as well.
    I also want to encourage you to call Sakura and speak with one of our
histologists so we can add your experiencial data into your instrument's
which is kept on file.  They'll probably have some more input and can also
explain the cleaning of the water drain plumbing.  You don't want to introduce
bleach into the water inlet area unless Sakura's service personnel will confirm
it would have no harmful affect on any of the componts with which it would come
into contact.
    To reach Sakura's technical support call 800/725-8723 and choose menu item

Best Regards,

Nancy Klemme, HT(ASCP)
Customer/Product Support Mgr.
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.
1750  West 214th Street
Torrance, CA  90501

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Subject:    slide problem
Date:       1/18/00 2:37 PM

Date: Tue, Jan 18, 2000 2:37 PM
Subject: slide problem
To: histonet
Recently we have been getting black junk on our slides. We use a Sakura 601
automatic stainer. We stain about 600 slides a day. It does not seem to be on
the tissue just around it. We change our hematoxylin three times a week and
chang all other solutions daily. We do recycle the xylene. We use tap water
in our baths. If you have any suggestions Please help.

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