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From:Kathy Wortham <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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We had a problem at one time with black junk on our
slides. It turned out to be the lead from the pencils
we were using to label the slides. If you use pencils
make sure they are specifically made for slide
labelling, we get ours from Sakura. An easy way to
tell if this is the problem is to look to see if your
staining containers are getting a grey ring around
--- wrote:
> Recently we have been getting black junk on our
> slides. We use a Sakura 601
> automatic stainer. We stain about 600 slides a day.
> It does not seem to be on
> the tissue just around it. We change our hematoxylin
> three times a week and
> chang all other solutions daily. We do recycle the
> xylene. We use tap water
> in our baths. If you have any suggestions Please
> help.

Kathy Wortham
USDA,Food Safety Inspection Service
950 College Station Road
Athens, Ga 30605
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