Re: interesting black slime in waterbath tubes

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From:denise M m Long-Woodward <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Just an FYI, but my computer printed your message as dated 01/10/80!
Everyone else's messages were fine. Did you have a Y2K problem?
Denise Long Woodward

On Thu, 10 Jan 1980 15:23:10 Gayle Callis <>
> Rande's comments about the black slime or sludge that collects in
> tubes.
> This is the infamous biofilm that plagues more than just waterbaths.
>  There
> is a huge amount of research done on Biofilm to eliminate the stuff,
> in
> disease processes (hip prothesis, cystic fibrosis, and shunts, etc),
> contact lenses, gas tanks, teeth (plaque formation!)   Big
> corporations
> spend millions on R and D of this slimy subject.
> Have done frozen sections via a special technic on biofilms, slices
> of slime!
> The term biofilm has now been transferred to any collection of
> sludge on
> the porcelain throne in my house, I no longer scrub the loo, I
> remove
> biofilm! and I know people on my campus who have volunteered their
> toilets
> to study that particular biofilm formation, ah the joys of in the
> field
> research and get paid for it.
> Sorry, my sense of humor got the best of me to pass on some strange
> pearls
> of wisdome,  must be the eclipse of the moon arriving tommorrow
> night that
> is causing it.
> Gayle Callis
> Gayle Callis
> Veterinary Molecular Biology
> Montana State University
> Bozeman MT 59717-3610
> 406 994-4705
> 406 994-4303

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