Re: eosinophil staining on frozen sections

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From:"Jamie Erickson" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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I am trying to stain mouse eosinophil in formalin fixed paraffin embedded
tissues. I am using a dye called Vital new red from an Article in the
Journal of Histotechnology  by J.P.Duffy,  Vol 16/ No. 2/June 1993. The
article stains human Eosinophil a nice dark red which I'm tring on my mouse
tissues and getting inconsistent results. After talking to other people
including ( Gayle Callis)  about differences in human eosinophil and mouse
eosinophil , I'm thinking that this dye vital new red may have to be
adjusted to stain mouse eos, that's what I'm doing now. This dye has not
stained a dark red on positive control tissues it has been a weak pink at
best. If anyone has experience with this stain or can offer suggestions
please e-mail me.


Jamie Erickson
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>>> <> 01/24 10:29 AM >>>
Does anyone have a method  for  intensifing the staining of the eosinophils
on a frozen section  using the standard  H & E ?  Would adjusting the pH of
the eosin help stain the eosinophils better ?  The pathologist here have
been asking this question for years and I do not have an answer.

Chris Klemenich
Kaleida Health - Childrens Hospital of Buffalo

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