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From:"Barry Rittman" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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5-10% disoium EDTA in distilled water adjusted to pH 7.2-7.4 using 1N sodium
Make sure that you do not use EDTA should use the disoum salt.
The final solution you make will have a mixture of disodium and trisodium EDTA.
For specific purposes such as some enzyme preparations you can use other PH
Use agitation such as magnetic stir bars etc.
EDTA is expensive and will take some time to demineralize  but will provides
excellent histological detail preservation.
You did not mention size of specimens. If you let us know the size we can
guestimate the length of time for demineralization.
Call me if you need other details.

LuAnn Anderson wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am in need of the protocol for EDTA decalcification-percentage and pH of
> solution.  I have a pathologist who wants this method used and while I have
> found numerous references to EDTA(Sheehan, Carson, Bancroft etc) none
>give the
> solution details.  Thanks so much,  LuAnn

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