Re: What stain to replace the H&E??

What about a Giemsa?

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Dear Histonetters,

John Kiernan recently commented:

 "H & E is popular because pathologists (who rarely do the staining
  themselves) have for many years considered it the "routine" or
  "standard" technique. There are plenty of other staining methods
  that are easier to do, do not require microscopic control to get
  the best results, use cheaper chemicals, and provide more informative
  colour schemes in the sections. Research workers (who often have to
  do their own staining and teach the art to graduate students and new,
  untrained technicians) often prefer methods that are both technically
  simpler and more informative than H & E."

This got me thinking (a dangerous pursuit!!). What stain would histotechs
recommend to replace the H&E??
I have some fondness for John's "Iron-Chromoxane Cyanine R".
Any other ideas??

Regards Tony

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