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Dear Laurie,

I have found the concentration of the ammonia in the final solution is
critical to maintaining a satisfactory Gomori Reticulin ammoniacal silver
solution.  If there is enough ammonia present to be smelt this is "too"
much.  Once you have finished the titration allow the solution to sit for
several minutes to equilibrate, then add 10 drops of silver nitrate and mix
well.  This creates a stable (see previous mention by Mike Rentsch about
nitrites forming) solution which stores well in the refrigerator.

Silver solutions are always tricky, hope this helps.

Bill Sinai
Laboratory Manager
Tissue Pathology ICPMR
P.O. Box 533
Wentworthville NSW Australia 2145

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Subject: Retic stain

> Help!!!  We cannot get our retic stain (Gomori's) to work.  We are
> getting inconsistent results - sometimes the fibers are very, very light
> and sometimes they are not there at all.  We notice a problem when we go
> into the formalin after the silver.  Usually the tissue will change to
> the dark gray color immediately when it hits the formalin, but it either
> turns a brownish color or it doesn't change at all.  We have changed
> everything in our staining set up.  Any ideas???

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