Re: Poly - L -vs- Amino Alco (++ Slides)

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From:"RUSS ALLISON" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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At the end of John Kiernan's authorative description of how different
"section adhesives" work, he gives his own preference for chrome/-
As John suggests, there appears not to have been (or there does
not appear to have been), a properly conducted, published study of
the comparative merits of the 3/4 realistic contenders for "best"
tissue adhesive.

In the absence of such a study, and crude in the extreme (a fault
of which I am too often accused), I start the opinion poll with the
view that APES is a thousand times better for immuno. than is
John's prefered chrome/gelatin.

Now lets get that opinion poll rolling.  Make your choice:

1. (Mayer's) egg albumin
2.  chrome/ gelatin
3.  polylysine
4.  APES
5.  Other - specify.
Russ Allison,
Dental School

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