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From:"Jamie Erickson" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Upstate Biotechnology has a Human iNOS antibody made in rabbit that
crossreacts with mouse iNOS and works in FFPE tissues.
 Antibody:           iNOS
Clone:               Polyclonal
Isotype:               	Rabbit IgG
 Vendor:             Upstate Biotechnology
Working Concentration  (m g/mL):     2.5
Catalog #	: 	06-295

Enzyme digestion needed: Prior to staining, the paraffin-embedded
slides for iNOS staining were enzyme digested with 0.5% Pronase  for
15 minutes at 37 degrees C. I've also used Trypsin( Zymed LAbs) and
Proteinase K (25 mg/mL) for 20 and 15 minutes respectively and they
have worked. Enzyme digestion is dependent on length of fixation I
always if doing INOS on mouse fix for only 24 hours because that is
what works for me. Try this it's a good place to start.

Hope it helps


Jamie Erickson
Associate Scientist
Genetics Institute
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>>> "Liz Sabin" <> 01/19 5:19 AM >>>
Dear all,

I'm looking for antibodies to human inducible nitric oxide synthase
(iNOS), nNOS and eNOS that are known to work on paraffin
sections.  Any information from companies or others would be
greatly appreciated.


Liz Sabin.

Liz Sabin
Department of Pathology
University of Edinburgh
Medical School
Teviot Place


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