Re: Immunoperoxidase stains on cytology slides

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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    I'd like to point out, even though cytology smears are not routine
to our lab, that for controls one would want the fixation and processing
of the controls and the specimen to resemble each other as closely as
possible. Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues require different
handling. Since the smears are, presumably, not formalin fixed it seems
they should not need to be target retrieved.
    Since the smear and the tissue sections are treated differently what
happens if one stains and the other doesn't? Can you be sure the
negative is truly negative or could there be a procedure problem?
just a thought--
Amos Brooks wrote:

> I need advice from techs using the
> Ventana stainer for IP staining of
> cytology slides:
>     How do you fix/prepare slides that
> are:
>                 air dried
>                 alcohol fixed
>                 previously stained
>     I also need to know what to use for
> controls (paraffin controls OK?)
> Thanks,
> Mary Stevens

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