Re: Histonet replies - Permission needed to publish?

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From:Marvin Hanna <>
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Hi Tim, Robert, and Bob,

Robert Schoonhoven wrote:

>InterNet etiquette (while by no means a law) generally suggest that
>permission be requested from the author of a post to cross post to
>another list.  This is a good guide to follow.

Actually, I believe there is a law. It says that anything you post to the
Internet is immediately copyrighted by you. And no one can take that
copyright away from you without your permission.

I think this includes posts to listservers as well as web pages, such as
the entertaining web site posted by Dr. Richmond. (BTW, I'm anxiously
awaiting the arrival of my Organic Rare Earth Healing treatments!)

Some listservers ask for you to give up your copyrights as a condition of
membership. However, Dr. Margraf has not made that a condition of Histonet.
Which means that anything you post to Histonet is immediately copyrighted
by you and you continue to own the copyright to the post in the archives.

However, it must be a vague area of law, as I don't understand how
"journalists" can quote any one they want, without permission. On many
occasions, I assume for an easier reading experience, they also don't want
to burden us with BOTH sides of the story... :<)

Robert Schoonhoven also wrote:

>On a slightly differnt note I try not to post or send anything by e-mail
>that I wouldn't feel comfortable reading in the morning news.  Mainly
>because eating ones own words can cause serious mental indigestion.

Sound words of wisdom.


Marvin Hanna

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