Re: Histonet replies - Permission needed to publish?

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From:"Mary Stevens" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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I've seen histonet postings  in newletters - some where mine, and I'll
admit, I was a bit surprised and not totally thrilled that I wasn't offered
the opportunity to clarify or add information which may have put
questions/comments in a more appropriate context.  I wish I had Bob's
forethought - and remembered that every time I write something - it could
show up someplace else.

Lessons learned on my part.  (Hopefully.....)

>>> Robert Schoonhoven <> - 1/18/2000 3:18 PM >>>

InterNet etiquette (while by no means a law) generally suggest that
permission be requested from the author of a post to cross post to
another list.  This is a good guide to follow.  I do know that many of
the Journals that I publish in require author release forms but I'm not
sure that the same conditions would apply in this case.  Several of my
posts in the past have been published and ALWAYS with my prior
approval.  I must admit that I am not too sure of what the actual
legalities might be (for all I know none), but I know that I'd be a bit
irritated if some one took one of my e-mails, published it and didn't
give me a chance to put it into context (if needed).  Or to add some
clarification on certain points that may not have seemed necessary at
the time (of posting) but which in retrospect need to be added or
(a-hem) deleted.

On a slightly differnt note I try not to post or send anything by e-mail
that I wouldn't feel comfortable reading in the morning news.  Mainly
because eating ones own words can cause serious mental indigestion.

Tim Morken wrote:
> Histonetters,
> What is your opinion of having your replies to the Histonet reprinted in a
> histology newsletter with attribution? Is permission needed to do so?
> Thanks
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