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From:"Bill Sinai (Anatomical Pathology)" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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> Date:          Thu, 27 Jan 2000 08:27:51 -0700
> From:          "Barbara Davies" <>
> Subject:       Re: Dipping blocks
> To:            TODD LUA <>
> Cc:            "'Histonet'" <>

> Barbara Davies/Histology/MEMHOSPCS
> Regarding dipping blocks in paraffin before storage:
> It is my understanding that this is an antiquated  process, that is also
> time-consuming.  A properly fixed and processed block should have no
>problem in
> storage.  I would also think that a poorly fixed and/or poorly processed
> is a problem regardless what means you go by to store it.  We quit dipping
> blocks over twenty years ago and have seen no problems.
> Barb Davies
> Memorial Hospital
> Colorado Springs, CO

I agree with Barbara, we also have not dipped blocks for a long time
over 30 years.  Yet we still have researchers using the oldest of
blocks with great success.  The one proviso is that they were well
fixed and processed initially.

We also retrieve "old" blocks and routinely perform ER and PgR IHC.
These are usually from patients who have returned with a ?secondary
tumour many years after original treatment.

Bill Sinai
Department Manager
Tissue Pathology
ICPMR Westmead Hospital
Phone 61+2+9845 7774  Fax 61+2+9687 2330

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