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From:"Don Hammer" <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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Ohhhhhh  Karen,

I remember that mess.  :(  Those roach critters took big enuff bites to make
me think it was rats!  Didn't we have problems in-house too?  Maybe those
runaway research mice got caught.  :)
Did they have a brand on them of  ~~B/T~~.   *Evil Grin*

I bet you recall those huge bags of blocks stored and it would take days to
find the one you wanted.  Glad to hear you were able to discard them all.

See you in May, maybe we should have a get together of all the people still
around in my hotel room at the Sheraton .  Plan to come visit the labs and
hopefully bring Steve Ott...remember him?

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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> We coat all of our paraffin blocks after sectioning them because it keeps
> the tissue in good form in case we have to recut them a few years from
> We used to keep the blocks for 30 years or so but recently lost our
> facility so now only keep them for the time required by law.
> We coat them by running them over out hot embedding center until the
> surface is coated.  Keeps the little bug critters from eating out the
> tissue also.  You see our storage facility used to be in a big building
> on a farm, and some of our blocks were eaten out by roaches.  I wouldn't
> think the formalin taste would be too good but they must have liked it.
> Now that they are stored in the lab we don't have that problem anymore
> Karen in Omaha.

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