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From:<> (Karen Larison) (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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If you have a fluorescent scope, Molecular Probes has a series of fluorescent
live-dead kits for cultured cells and bacteria.  The cultured cell
live-dead reagents
may work on tissue.  Check there WEB site:  Or email
technical assistance:

Karen in Oregon

Date:          Thu, 27 Jan 2000 07:50:54 EST
From:          "Tim Morken" <timcdc@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject:       Re: Dead and live tissue


There is a method I've seen (but never done) for doing NADH diaphorase
histochemistry staining on gross tissue sections of heart to determine where
infarctions occurred. NADH diaphorase will stain tissue blue that was living
and will not stain dead (infarcted) tissue.

If you have a copy of "Muscle Biopsy:  A Practical Approach" by Dubowitz,
1985, I believe you'll find the method there.

Tim Morken, B.A., EMT(MSA), HTL(ASCP)
Infectious Disease Pathology
Centers for Disease Control
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From: Jenny Molde <>
Subject: Dead and live tissue
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:15:48 +0200

Dear Histonetters,
Does anyone have any experience in the staining of so called dead and live
tissue? If so is there a specific stain to identify the difference and if
there is could you be so kind as to give me the name of the article or the
method involved. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Jenny Molde
Cardoivascular Research
University of Cape Town

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